This week’s music on television

Yeah, yeah, yeah

If you missed Yeah yeah yeahs perform on SNL last night, you can check them out here. If that’s still not enough for you, you can watch them blitz (get it?) late night on Tuesday’s Letterman and Wednesday’s Fallon. New Pornographer veterans, A.C. Newman and Neko Case show up throughout the week.

Monday: A.C. Newman and Nicole Atkins do Letterman; Sara Watkins & legendary Led zep man, John Paul Jones, do Fallon.
Tuesday: Yeah yeah yeahs play Letterman; the Svengali behind Lady Gaga, Akon, performs on Fallon.
Wednesday: Neko Case plays Letterman; Trumpeter Chris Botti with fratboy soulman, John Mayer, play Leno; Yeah yeah yeahs play Fallon.
Friday: One eyed angel close out the week on Leno.


This week’s music on television

Serious 80s throwbacks on late night (New Kids on the Block and Motley Crue), and a smattering of indie bands with obnoxious names to round out the week. All said and done, my prediction of more hip hop on Late Night (vis-a-vis the Roots connect) now seems way off the mark.


Monday: New kids on the block bring it hard on Kimmel; Clap your hands say yeah play their latest, “Statues,” on Fallon.
Tuesday: Motley crue, who are allegedly still alive, play Kimmel.
Wednesday: MSTRKRFT (not to be confused with KMFDM or MGMT) on Kimmel; The Virgins play “One Week of Danger” on Fallon.
Saturday: Karen O and the Yeah yeah yeahs try to salvage a Zac Efron-hosted SNL with a number from their latest. Their best record yet? The folks at Audacious Gimcrackery seem to think so.