For those without DirectTV

This charming man via
This charming man via

(Or for those who don’t rely entirely on bittorrent for their TV habits…) January 2009 is going to get hot.  The new season of Friday night lights — which is airing now on DirectTV, set to air on NBC in January — is back on track. Last season’s unfortunate detour has been disavowed like a bad Nyquil overdose: Landry is rightfully among the supporting cast again; Saracen’s Guatemalan nanny has returned to her people; Riggins isn’t distracted by the MILF next door; and Lyla has left Jesus in the dust.  With the O.C.isms foregone (last night’s Ben Gibbard lead-out aside), the show’s central conflicts are being worked anew. A community’s systemic poverty and its totally fu-cocked set of priorities aren’t really things you can resolve in a single season, y’know?

I never would have thought a show about high school football could be so nuanced, but there you have it: my pick for best show on network TV.  It’s so good it makes me forget, momentarily, that Explosions In The Sky are such monumental douchebags.

Now, when are we gonna see sweet li’l Aimee Teegarden in an issue of Maxim?  Hot damn.

– J.C. Freñán