The Big Coney Dog: HBO’s ‘Hung’

Goodbye, Lafayette.
Having made my way back to Michigan a few weeks ago, I can say, for certain, things are a whole lot worse than you might’ve imagined. The Lafayette building is about to eat some wrecking ball (like the old Tiger Stadium just did); a couple thousand just lost their jobs at Detroit Public Schools; GM, whose specter rises high above the city skyline, just went bankrupt; and last week, a report showed Michigan leading the nation in unemployment. Reading about it is one thing; seeing it, another. Driving home (to the burbs) for Father’s day, I noticed that even the big, mirrored corporate boxes that dot either side of I-75, Telegraph, Crooks were emptied out, rusting.

Amidst all the job losses, the destroyed buildings and destroyed economies the past few years, has been the surreal presence of Hollywood in our backyards, thanks to a tax break for filmmakers. First, Gran Turino was shot in Detroit, then Whip It! in Ann Arbor (a set I accidentally stumbled onto), and now, HBO’s latest series, Hung, shot in Commerce Township, near Southfield. Rumor has it DeNiro’s been chilling in Ypsi, too, being accosted by drunk women, and inviting locals to the titty bar.

Hung (which debuts this Sunday) is about your average down-and-out metro Detroiter with an above average kielbasa. (And by ‘kielbasa,’ I mean, weiner.) When his house burns down, and he’s strapped for cash, he decides to play the field. (And by ‘play the field,’ I mean become a gigolo.)

Here’s a trailer. More poorly-conceived dick jokes to come.

— Thumbu Sammy


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3 thoughts on “The Big Coney Dog: HBO’s ‘Hung’”

  1. I like the Bill Withers track in the preview there. Can’t say I’m all that curious about the series, though. Now, if Christopher McQuarrie were exec producing it…

  2. mmmm Kielbasa. Oh what? You’re talking about weiners?

    delaying on getting HBO (bout to get it) but is this dude’s reliance on servin’ up his kielbasa part of the spatial economic particularity of michigan? that being all the stuff you mentioned in the beginning of your post?

    more thumbu sammy posts please! Jc Frenan, keep up the good work!

  3. Were you being intentionally intertextually brilliant, Thumbu, when you titled this post? Having caught up on all the broadcast episodes (and preparing my own ‘Hung’ post) I went ahead and sought out the show’s theme song: “I’ll be your man,” by fellow Midwesterners, The Black Keys. The name of the album? “The big come up.”

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