This Week’s Music on TV

Bring it on down to Omeletteville!

I’m not sure anything this week – musical or otherwise – can top J.T.’s latest addition to the Omeletteville canon. (The Dick-in-a-box reprise “Motherlover” just wasn’t that funny, man). Still, the increasingly visible Asher Roth is bound to be hilarious this Thursday on Fallon. Holmes is ’09’s answer to Blizzard Man.

Monday: Three-hit wonder Soulja Boy does Jimmy Fallon; the Alphaville-inspired Killers play Letterman; and Ciara, straight off the sweaty SNL stage, brings it on Leno.
Tuesday: Aspiring diva Chrisette Michele does Letterman.
Wednesday: Ciara goes for round three on Kimmel.
Thursday: No-hit wonder Asher Roth does Jimmy Fallon; Rick Ross hustles with Magazeen on Letterman; and The Decemberists do Leno.
Friday: Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, plays Jimmy Fallon; Pitchfork-approved headbangers Mastodon do Letterman; Kings of Leon bring their sexy bumpkin act on Leno; and the freshly-botoxed Eminem takes over Kimmel.
Saturday: East bay natives Green Day play SNL.


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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Music on TV”

  1. i’m really looking forward to Chrisette Michelle’s new album, hope it’s as a good as the first! was letterman always this down with black women? he seemed flustered by Keri Hilson last week.

  2. I was wondering about Letterman’s response, too. I thought he was first impressed, then I wondered if he was just scandalized.

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