This Week’s Music on Television

I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls.

Finally, the moment hipsters and hipsteriographers alike have been waiting for all year: the unlikely return of the emancipated sound-slave himself, Chris Cornell! In lesser news, Animal Collective plays Letterman. It’s a good week for the Pitchfork cabal all around, with Ohio players, The National, on Fallon Wednesday, and scot-rockers Franz Ferdinand on Letterman Tuesday. But my bet is that soulstress Sharon Jones and her Dap-Kings steal the show, this week; you know ?uestlove is gonna get involved.

Monday: Keri Hilson brings her sexy haircut, along with Kanye West, to Letterman; Adele does Fallon.
Tuesday: Franz Ferdinand do Letterman; Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings do their best to expunge Amy Winehouse from our collective unconscious on Jimmy Fallon.
Wednesday: Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 do Letterman; some Irish dude named Van Morrison does Leno; and The National play out Fallon.
Thursday: The Animal Collective do their thing on Letterman; Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 try again on Fallon.
Friday: finally, ex-Soundgarden, ex-Audioslave frontman, Chris Cornell, plays Letterman.


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5 thoughts on “This Week’s Music on Television”

  1. Keri switches her hairstyle seriously every week. Honestly, what’s up with the fascination with her hair??? Do you think it will come to the point where she’ll get insurance on it like Jennifer Lopez did with her butt?

  2. Hmm, i thinking in the event that someone does damage to those important parts (accident, stalker tries to do damage to you), you’re covered. But I wonder if your covered if its your own personal negligence…(think Jessica Simpson in ‘weightgate’)

  3. It’s killing me. What cartoon is that? Why does it bring a sense of warmth and comfort and okay-ness to my heart?

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