This Week’s Music on Television

Ladies and Gentleman, the Tinted Windows.
If Zwan wasn’t enough to crush the hearts of Smashing Pumpkins faithfuls, James Iha’s new supergroup, Tinted Windows, probably will. Cheap Trick’s Bun E. Carlos, Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger, and Mmm-bopper Taylor Hanson join Iha to bring their sugar pop to late night, twice this week.

Monday: Miami hustler, Rick Ross does his thing on Fallon; The Killers do Leno (BTW, does anyone else think “Human” sounds a lot like Alphaville?)
Tuesday: Harvard nerd-biscuits, Chester French bring it on Fallon; Norwegian songstress Ida Maria does Leno; and, alas, the surreal-life supergroup, Tinted Windows, debut on Letterman.
Wednesday: Mancunians The Whip bring their Factory Records-revival to Jimmy Kimmel; Beyonce talks, but may or may not perform, on Letterman
Thursday: The mighty Depeche Mode do Kimmel; the no-longer-grateful Dead play Letterman.
Friday: Jamie Foxx blames it on the a-a-alcohol on Kimmel; Tinted Windows (again!) do Fallon; and Radiohead-hater Lily Allen does Letterman.


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6 thoughts on “This Week’s Music on Television”

  1. Poor, poor James Iha. Thumbu, I told you about that time I ate dinner next to him at a posh vegan restaurant in the Village, right? Before I left, I dropped a napkin on his table that said “America (hearts) you.” Does that mean I have a drinking problem, you think?

  2. I think it does, JC. DM looks pretty damned good. Perhaps all those suicide attempts helps the skin retain its youthful splendor?

  3. And speaking of Depeche Mode, did you know that Martin Gore is half-black? His dad was an African-American GI stationed in England, apparently.

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