This week’s music on television

Serious 80s throwbacks on late night (New Kids on the Block and Motley Crue), and a smattering of indie bands with obnoxious names to round out the week. All said and done, my prediction of more hip hop on Late Night (vis-a-vis the Roots connect) now seems way off the mark.


Monday: New kids on the block bring it hard on Kimmel; Clap your hands say yeah play their latest, “Statues,” on Fallon.
Tuesday: Motley crue, who are allegedly still alive, play Kimmel.
Wednesday: MSTRKRFT (not to be confused with KMFDM or MGMT) on Kimmel; The Virgins play “One Week of Danger” on Fallon.
Saturday: Karen O and the Yeah yeah yeahs try to salvage a Zac Efron-hosted SNL with a number from their latest. Their best record yet? The folks at Audacious Gimcrackery seem to think so.


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