Reuniting Zack Attack, or The Slow Redemption of Jimmy Fallon

But in my heart it was so real. If you google “Jimmy Fallon” and “douchebag” together, you’ll get 17,000 hits. Well, 17,000 and one, now.

I don’t get what happened. But somewhere between ’00, when he was SNL‘s resident wunderkind, and ’08, when he was tapped to take over the Conan spot, everyone in our generation collectively turned on Jimmy. Maybe you could chalk it up to a couple shitty movies, but since when have SNL grads done otherwise? Case in point.

Around that time, I actually started to feel for the dude. Did I see myself in Fallon? A kid, once crushed on by white girls (and boys) everywhere, later forgotten, and later reviled: you’re damn right, man. I feel bitter for Jimmy, and felt a sense of redemption (misplaced, perhaps) when I heard about his latest stint on the Late Show.

Well, so far, it’s been rough. But the guy certainly has a knack for bringing old obsessions out of our dusty childhood closets. First, there was the Public Enemy reunion. Then, we saw the old curmudgeonly Muppets, Statler and Waldorf, toss a few zingers at Fallon and Jason Segel. And, if he actually manages to pull off last week’s Saved by the Bell reunion announcement, and get the Hot Sundaes and Zack Attack to reunite in one late night spandex and shoulder-padded jam out, then I think, collectively, we ought to forgive Jimmy for whatever he did that pissed us off. Make it happen, America.

Talkin' 'bout friends

[Update: Head on over to “Do As I Write” for a pretty hilarious, if skeptical, look at Fallon’s plan to reunite the ‘Bell’ cast.]

– Thumbu Sammy


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3 thoughts on “Reuniting Zack Attack, or The Slow Redemption of Jimmy Fallon”

  1. I’m glad one of us is covering the late night beat. How long have we — our generation, but also you and I in particular — been waiting to hear a live rendition of ‘Friends forever?’ An exciting prospect, but I’ll still think Fallon is a douche bag. I was never all that smitten with him, really.

    Also, way to identify the one Smiths lyric that can bring a tear to my eye as surely as Bill Haverchuck watching a Gary Schandling routine.

  2. Thanks for the linkage. We need to lean on one another out here in the blogosphere. Keep at it.

  3. Wait…are you saying that Night at the Roxbury, Tommy Boy, and Happy Gilmore were shitty films? If so, I’m going to have to STRONGLY disagree there: those were classics.

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