Dichen Lachman looks like a half-Asian Barbie doll.

Hot DAMN. Eliza Dushku’s not so hard on the eyes, either.  Too bad both of them are well nigh impossible to watch on Joss Whedon’s new, post-Firefly disasterpiece, Dollhouse.  (I wonder if Tahmoh Penikett would rather bump uglies with Lachman or former BSG castmate Grace Park?)

Beyond his eye for exceptionally good-looking young ladies, I never really understood Whedon’s appeal.  If Buffy was a campy, allegorical exploration of the microdrama of suburban teen life, and Angel wrestled with the demons of post-adolescence — like, say, unwanted and “unresolved” pregnancies [EN: that second link is absolutely lousy with spoilers] — what the fuck was up with FireflyThirysomethings in space?  And now why is Dollhouse — a less campy allegorical exploration of America’s Hollywood complex? — SO UNREDEEMABLY BAD?  My best guess: it’s too hard to suspend disbelief at the model of value it’s proposing — ie, the “exuberant” [sic] price tag for watching Dushku try to act her way out of a wet paper bag.  At least the worst actor ever to tarnish a David Simon production, Mike Kellerman, P.I., has found work again.

(And for anyone keeping score, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia‘s version of “The most dangerous game” TOTALLY schools Whedon’s.)

– J.C. Freñán


3 thoughts on “Dichen Lachman looks like a half-Asian Barbie doll.”

  1. Neatly, you have failed to identify anything actually wrong with any of Joss’ shows, or why, if they are so IRREDEEMABLY (it’s irredeemably, not unredeemably) BAD, they are so popular with the fans.

  2. Neatly, as in, it was neat that I did that? Or neatly, as in, in an organized fashion?

    Thanks for the grammatical heads up. The OED actually does list “unredeemably” as a word, though, for future reference.

    My point about Whedon was that his allegories strike me as weak at best, contrived at worst. And also that Eliza Dushku’s acting would be unwatchable if she weren’t so good-looking. (The same goes for everyone else on ‘Dollhouse,’ except the Topher character, who always hits home with me if only because we share a name.) So, that’s what’s wrong with ‘Dollhouse,’ at least. Are you suggesting there are other things that are wrong with the rest of his shows? Whatever they are, I’d love to read ’em!

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