Everyday I’m Hustlin’, or Is Tracy Morgan Really Drunk?

Three years into 30 Rock, it’d now seem abundantly clear that Tracy Morgan was a criminally under-appreciated, under-utilized, under-understood talent on SNL (and hasn’t that been the case with all Black cast members since Eddie Murphy?). But even with all the momentum Tracy took to SNL as last week’s host (and despite the triumphant return of his sassy, ADD-ridden persona, Brian Fellows), shit just wasn’t that funny. Which’d make the nonbelievers wonder if Tracy’s only good when he’s being himself, or half his self, as he put it to Jimmy Fallon, last week. Or else, they chalk it up to Tracy’s alleged use of performance-enhancing substances. Just look up “Tracy Morgan Wasted” on youtube (exhibits 1, 2, 3), and you’ll uncover the paper trail of a Barry Bonds-inspired character assassination.

Method Acting in Chicago.
Method Acting in Chicago.

You can’t deadpan that well when you’re drunk, man; Tracy’s just pulling the old Dean Martin routine.

But what most folks don’t know is that before Tracy was batting for Lorne Michaels, and long before he became “the face of post-racial America,” he was hustling on one of the greatest sitcoms of the early 90s (and the only sitcom, I can think of, that took place in the D). Here he is, picking up the pieces on Martin, fifteen years before he got the whole country watching. Prepare to have your mind grapes crushed.

– Thumbu Sammy


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3 thoughts on “Everyday I’m Hustlin’, or Is Tracy Morgan Really Drunk?”

  1. Damn he’s good! It’s crazy because I see how funny Tracy is on 30 Rock and then I watched his SNL “best of” video and he really didn’t have many good sketches. Dominican Lou was funny, but what was the deal with the sketch where he hosted his own show–I never got that and I don’t think the writers knew what to do with him. His SNL audition tape is pretty good though–you can probably find it on youtube–actually you can’t (just checked) it was taken down for copyright reasons.

  2. I think you’re totally right; the writers at SNL never knew what to do with him, which is strange, ’cause Tina Fey held head writing those days, and she’s perfected the T. Jordan character. Did you see him on Fallon? Tracy kept saying how Tina’s nailed his voice, that she was a sister from a mother of another color, or something like that. I would like to see that audition tape. Lorne Michaels (and GE) seem to have a cadre of webmonkeys who spend their days pulling SNL material off youtube as soon as it goes up. I’ve been trying to see the Bloder brothers (Parnell and Fallon) for years, now.

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